.."... You certainly usually find something if you look, but it is not always quite the something you were after...." 'The Hobbit JRR Tolkien'

Avalon Fantasy Silk Floral Design

'AvalonFantasy.com' bring you "One of a kind" Headdresses, Circlets, Faerie Crowns,Tiaras, Hairbands, Slides & Barretts.

Each and every item that you buy is Hand-Made by Me using Silk Flowers, Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon and is assured of being truly unique.
Genuine Pearls, Precious Stones & Semi Precious Stones can also be offered on a Bespoke Basis for your Personal Requirments.

A "Must" in a world where so many things are mass produced!

Imagine Yourself...

Swarovski Crystal CoronetUnique Silk Flower Headdresses, Circlets, Faerie Crowns & Hairbands
I do take on Custom Work for Special Occassion Events, Weddings, Renaissance Faires, May Day Dances, Fairy Gatherings, Dancers & Actors.

Sample imageEach one is unique & because they are "Hand-Made" no two are ever the same!
Circlets are all made using Silk flowers & Greenery, bound using Hand dyed Silk Ribbon using differing combinations of flowers, leaves & silk ribbon & the same is said for any Side Adornments used on the "Day Wear" Hair-bands.

For added comfort with the Headdresses / Circlets they utilise "Flexi" Silver wire which is then wrapped in New Hypoallergenic padding, and lastly this is then bound in hand dyed silk ribbon. My designs are not offered in the thousands, hundreds or even tens, each item is a singular piece & therefore unique to you, something worth remembering when you begin to consider that all important question of what to wear in your hair on your very own special day... All girls are princesses goes a line in the film "The Little Princess"..and so they are..

Please E-Mail to discuss your requirments.

At A Glance Items, or Just ask Me.

When a Bride asks me for a Circlet she can be confident in my ability to create something soley for 'Her'.
Amongst my exclusive patrons are Actors, Dancers & Renaissance players and again, they are soley for those people.

Each circlet can take up to 5 or more hours to make. No matter what your reason for buying, you can rest assured that your outfit will be a crowning glory with the addition of a Circlet, Hairband, Slide or Hair-Clips (Barretts) from Avalon Fantasy.


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